Thursday, September 30, 2010

Whatcha Thinking Thursday

It's time for Whatcha Thinking Thursday, hosted by me! Here's how it works. Each Thursday I'll simply blog about something book related that's weighing on my mind. Feel free to comment away if you agree or disagree (just keep it clean, okay?), or if you want to post to your site either on the same topic or about whatever it is you're thinking about go right ahead. I just ask that you link back to here. Also, make sure you add your blog to the list so we can find you!
This week is banned book week, and while it would make sense to post something along those lines, I have to admit that with almost every other post on my site pertaining to BBW I felt like it was a little overkill- plus I'm thinking about something else.
The names of female leads in book...why can't I remember them.
This stuck me the other night as I was raving about Jeri Smith Ready's Shade. I was telling someone about it and cou;dn't for the life of me remember the lead charecters name. The boys are Logan and Zachary, Zachary's dad is Ian, then there's Mickey, Connor, Dylan, Siobhan, Eowyn, Aunt Gina and.... what is her name and why can't I remember it. It's not the first time I've noticed thsi phenomenan. I have to think really hard about who it is that's in love with Sam in Maggie Stiefvater's Shiver series, and niether of the names from Cassie Clare's books stick with me even though I can name almost every one else from both the Mortal Instruments series and Clockwork Angel.
Then it me- I can't remember the names of female leads because I completely internalize these charecters. Especially when they are written from that charecters perspective. I read it as if I am them, and when I think back on the books I'm thinking about it like I was in it. Strange deal that one is. I only realized it when I woke up this morning after having a dream about Shade in which every charecter was speaking to Kate, aka me. This means that the books are written so well that not only do I really like reading them, but I have a genuine attachment to them. I love that, even if it means when I need to do a 5 star review I have to go look up who exactly it is that I'm writing about!
For the record- The lovely ladies are: Aura (Shade), Tessa and Clary (Clockwork Angel and Mortal Instruments) and Grace (Shiver)- all excellent and memorable names!
How about you, do you have any quirks when you read?

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