Thursday, September 23, 2010

Whatcha Thinking Thursday

It's time for Whatcha Thinking Thursday, hosted by me! Here's how it works. Each Thursday I'll simply blog about something book related that's weighing on my mind. Feel free to comment away if you agree or disagree (just keep it clean, okay?), or if you want to post to your site either on the same topic or about whatever it is you're thinking about go right ahead. I just ask that you link back to here. Also, make sure you add your blog to the list so we can find you!

Sooo... this week I'm thinking about book that surprised me.

I have a few in mind that I've read recently. In both cases there was one reason or another that I looked at the book, read the synopsis and scoffed a bit. In both cases I got the book from someone else, and I doubt that if it hadn't been a freebie I would have ever picked up either book. In both cases I really enjoyed the book!

First off was Stork by Wendy Delsol- heres the synopsis (from goodreads):

Sixteen-year-old Katla has just moved from Los Angeles to the sticks of Minnesota. As if it weren’t enough that her trendy fashion sense draws stares, she learns to her horror that she’s a member of an ancient order of women who decide to whom certain babies will be born. Add to that Wade, the arrogant football star whom Katla regrettably fooled around with, and Jack, a gorgeous farm boy who initially seems to hate her. Soon Katla is having freaky dreams about a crying infant and learns that, as children, she and Jack shared a near-fatal, possibly mystical experience. Can Katla survive this major life makeover and find a dress for the homecoming dance? Drawing from Norse mythology and inspired by The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen, debut author Wendy Delsol conceives an irreverent, highly entertaining novel about embracing change and the (baby) bumps along the way.

I can honestly say I thought it was going to be totally cheesy, but I really, really enjoyed it (review here). I'm so glad I won this book, because it definitly surprised me in a good way!

The next book I haven't finished yet, it's called Elixir by Hilary Duff (yes Lizzie MacGuire writes books)- here's the synopsis:

As the daughter of a renowned surgeon and a prominent Washington D.C. politician, Clea Raymond has felt the glare of the spotlight her entire life. And though she dreads the paparazzi who track her every move, she herself is a talented photojournalist who takes refuge in a career that allows her to travel to the most exotic parts of the world. But after Clea’s father disappears while on a humanitarian mission, eerie, shadowy images of a strange and beautiful young man begin to appear in Clea’s photos—a man she has never seen in her life. When Clea suddenly encounters this man in person she is stunned—and feels an immediate and powerful connection. As they grow closer, they are drawn deep into the mystery behind her father’s disappearance and discover the centuries-old truth behind their intense bond. Torn by a dangerous love triangle and haunted by a powerful secret that holds their fate, together they race against time to unravel their past in order to save their future—and their lives.

Again, I thought it seemed a little cheeseball, and to be honest the fact that it's by Hilary Duff was really not winning it any points in my book. Still, pleasently surprised with this one so far. It's a pretty good read and I was genuinely excited to see that this will be a series of books. I hope she can keep the good writing up!

So how about you- have you ever picked up a book that you thought was going to be blah only to find you really enjoyed it? How about the opposite- was there ever a book that you knew was going to rock, but it totally sucked instead?

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  1. Love your pre-review of the Hilary Duff book. I have to say I would've passed on it at first glance, too.

    I think the book that surprised me the the top of my head...was Perfect Chemisty by Simone Elkeles. I'd been told to read it by several friends, and one in particular was adamant that I read it, but the cover flap just didn't pull me in. I finally caved to the peer pressue and started reading...and I couldn't put it down!! It was easily one of the best books I've ever read.

    I love when I get surprised by a book that's much better than I expected!

    Louise @
    Between the Covers