Thursday, September 9, 2010

Whatcha Thinking Thursday (3)

It's week two of Whatcha Thinking Thursday, hosted by me! Here's how it works. Each Thursday I'll simply blog about something book related that's weighing on my mind. Feel free to comment away if you agree or disagree (just keep it clean, okay?), or if you want to post to your site either on the same topic or about whatever it is you're thinking about go right ahead. I just ask that you link back to here. Also, make sure you add your blog to the list so we can find you!

This week I'm thinking about Sequels and Series.

It seems like lately I've been reading alot of books that are part of a series and it got me thinking about the besst way to read a series. Some people read them right away and then wait (and wait and wait) for the sequel or next book in the set to come out. Other people wait until all the books are out that way they don't have to wait at all, they can just zip through the whole series with no delays.

I've done it both ways, although, to be fair, I've never waiting for an entire series intentionally. There are some books, like the Twilight Saga and Maria V. Snyder's Poison Series that I didn't discover until all the books were out. I have to admit, compared to the months (and sometimes years) of waiting, the ability to read them all at once is pretty awesome. Still the same thing that makes me want to read them all at once, also makes me want to read the book as soon as it comes out. I'm impatient and I want to read it now! I flew through Clockwork Angel (Cassandra Clare) and now face a year long wait until the sequel. I read an ARC of Linger (Maggie Steifvater) and will now have to wait for what seems like forever for Forever. Still, I can't imagine waiting for the last book to come out to read all the books. With an author I know I like, or one that comes highly recommended, I can't wait to pick it up!

How about you? Read it right away or wait for the entire series and read it all at once?

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  1. I tend to burn through books...then suffer the tortures waiting for the next one! *laughs* I have NO self control when it comes to books!

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