Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday

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I'm a day late with this- I'm going to blame it on daylight savings because I definitly, right until Survivor came on tonight, thought it was Tuesday. Way to go me. Anywho, this week's top ten is all about what characters you would want as family members.

1. Elizabeth Bennet from Pride & Prejudice- technically I want to be Elizabeth Bennet, but if I can't have that I'd want Lizzie as my sister and partner in crime.

2. Mr. Bennet from Pride & Prejudice- I'd like to throw most of the Bennets in the lake, but Mr. Bennet is fabulous. If I couldn't have my own Dad then I'd want Mr. Bennet.

3. Jacob from Twilight- Yes. Jacob. Prior to Breaking Dawn Jacob is awesome. I don't want him to imprint on me (although maybe one of those other wolves...) but I do want Jacob as my brother. He rides motorcycles, jumps off cliff and is generally up for anything. If my new sister Lizzie and I want to get into trouble I guarentee Jacob would cover for us or join in the mischief!

4. Mrs. Weasley from Harry Potter- I want to be a Weasley. I want both the Weasleys as parents, but since I already claimed Mr. Bennet as my new Dad I'll settle for just Mrs. Weasley as my Mom. She is fabulous and loyal and generally an awesome mom.

5. Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter- I would pretty much adopt most of the cast of characters from Harry Potter is a could, but I would LOVE Luna as a little sister. She's unique and independent and ready to defend her friends and family. Every family needs a Luna.

6. Basil from Griffin Rising- He'd make a pretty awesome Dad, but I'm going to claim Basil for my uncle. He's so understanding and ready to defend what he thinks is right. he's the guy you want on your side when things start to go wrong.

7. Junior from The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian- I want him as a younger brother, or a cousin, or something. He is so funny and honest and inspiring. He would definitly be ready to get into trouble with the rest of us!

8. Westley from The Princess Bride- Westley could be many things, but I want him as my husband. Sure there are a lot of other sexy literary guys out there, but Westley is funny and witty and ready to save his princess. Plus he wears a mask and really knows how to use his...sword.

9. Pippi Longstocking- Apparently Mr. Bennet and Mrs. Weasley have been busy (not really out of character) because I'm creating quite the family for them. I'd totally take Pippi as a sister too!

10. Sam from Shiver- Every family needs a pet dog, right? ;)


  1. Mrs. Weasley, well the whole Weasley family anyway, made my list. She'd be an awesome mother. And, Jacob would be a good brother, too.

  2. I thought about picking a husband, but thought it might upset the one I have a bit too much. Westley would be a good one.