Sunday, December 12, 2010

To see or not to see: Country Strong

Rarely do I venture out of the world of books here on this blog- but as this is my primary outlet to talk- I figure it's okay to step outside the book every once in a while. Plus- this is about a movie, which is like a cousin of the book, so I'm still in the right family. Here's a little back ground info on this topic.

1. I'm a huge country music dork. Love it. my zune is 90% country, 5% showtunes and 5% music I listened to when I was in High School (I'm talking about you Lit and Blink 182). The radio is always tuned to the country station as well. I also drive a Ram and tow my horse around to go riding in the wilderness- so that's where I'm at.

2. Huge movie fan. I don't get to go as much as I'd like (that shit's expensive!)- but I love watching movies. Add country music into the movie and I'm there.

3. Hate Gwyneth Paltrow. I have no rational reason for this. It just is. So you add Paltrow to a movie about country music and I'm out.

So that's where I stood when Country Strong crossed the radar. Movie (yay!) + Country music (double yay!) + Gwenyth Paltrow (boo!) = not paying for that. Of course, then Lainey at Lainey Gossip started posting videos from this movie.

Did you know that Garrett Hedlund is in this movie? And Blair Waldorf (whose real name I can not spell- and I'm too lazy to look up)? Those are both big, big pluses in my book. Please, I've been all over Garrett Hedlund since Four Brothers with Marky Mark Wahlberg. Almost obsessed, but the guy is so not in the spotlight that he is easily missed. He's got the lead in Tron and we barely see him out and about, playing the game, promoting this huge movie. It's no wonder I completely missed he was in Country Strong. I was too busy hating on Paltrow to notice.

Have you seen these videos? Go ahead, watch them, I dare you not to fall in love with this guy. I've already watched him sing Chances Are (first clip) a good dozen times.

I'm now editing my edit. I first thought I could post a video for Chances Are- then my site said I couldn't, that it wasn't available, so I sent you packing to Lainey Gossip. Then in the comments Just Your Typical Book Blog was nice enough to post some links to more videos and there it was. The video. Available for all of our enjoyment. So here you go...

So now I'm stuck- suffer through Paltrow pretending to be a country singer to get my Hedlund fix, or just watch these clips over and over again? Has there ever been a movie like this for you- where you fork over a rediculous sum of money to watch a supporting cast member in a movie starring some questionable actor? Lastly- are you know in love with Hedlund too?

How about now?


  1. I too am a country music dork and want to see this movie but I am so not a fan of Paltrow or her singing but the previews are really starting to reel me in

  2. I had never heard of him until now. After watching him sing to Leighton, I think he's my soulmate... *swoon!*

  3. Oh my goodness yes! Garrett Hedlund! :)

  4. Yay! Glad to meet another Garrett fan!

    I've also been following his career since Four Brother. Over the past week or so he's pretty much been everywhere with Tron promos and finally some Country Strong ones. I'm really excited to see him in Country Strong, and from all the reviews he's pretty much stole the entire movie :)

    I don't know if you've seen these or not, but they've released tons more cilps this week of Country Strong:

    Clip of Beau & Chiles:

    Him singing 'Chances Are':

    Quick trailer that focuses mainly on him:

    Okay, and in my last fangirl move, you should check out :)

  5. You need to come fangirl with us over here - LOL

  6. Oops - just realized JYTBB posted the same comment, lol. Well, that just proves you have to come and hangout with us.

    I've been a fan of Garrett's ever since I saw Four Brothers (Jack ... sigh). It's so exciting to see him finally get the roles and recognition he deserves.

  7. Thank you for the links!! That second one was the video I originally tried to post for Chances Are- I absolutely love it. Even if I don't go see the movie in the theatre you can bet I'm getting that song from Amazon so I can listen to him sing!

    I'll also be checking out the garrettminds site!

    thanks again!

  8. I love me some Garret Hedlund!! I fell for him in Four Brothers as well and I've been debating seeing this movie because of him. After I saw the video for "Give In To Me" I was leaning towards seeing it, if only to listen to the gorgeous boy sing.


  9. Been his fan since Troy and then Four Brothers. You bet my favorite scene is when he's in the shower.

  10. I'm been in love with him since TROY, but that's probably just because he played Patroclus, whom I have a major crush on. lol Can't wait to see TRON and COUNTRY SONG. I don't even like country music or Paltrow, but I'll go see it for him.