Friday, May 7, 2010

Book Blogger Hop

It's the time of the week when we blog hop! The wonderful blog site Crazy For Books hosts each week. This is my third week joining in and so far I have founds some great new blogs that I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have found otherwise.

Check out these new-to-me blogs that I found last week at the hop:

Imagination in Focus whose to read list essentially mirrors my own- I love to see what other readers thought of books that I loved (or hated depending on the book) The site also has this as a tag line, which I immediately loved and wanted to steal: "Close your eyes. Open your mind. 'You cannot depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus' - Mark Twain."

The Nook Nack which is another blog that focuses alot on YA books, but she had a lot of books that had not yet crossed my radar, as well as some great reviews of some books that I've been pushing down the list for months that I may need to find some time to pick up!

Fragments of Life who focuses on YA as well, but with a mission in life to read "all angel/fallen/nephilim books"- which is pretty awesome (if you ask me)

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  1. I love Imagination in Focus and Fragments of LIfe. I'll have to check out The Nook Nack. Thanks for sharing.