Monday, February 15, 2010

Kids Corner

It's been awhile since my last kids corner, life got busy there for a bit. Hopefully this posts marks my getting back into the swing of things! Just because I haven't been posting doesn't mean we haven't been reading, and one of our new favorites is...

By: Mo Willems

This book is adorable, has some great pictures and of course, a great message. The book is nice and big, so it's easy for little ones to grab onto, and you can even buy a little naked mole rat stuffed animal to accompany the book.
The books starts by telling you the three things you need to know about naked mole rats:

"1. They are a little bit rat.
2. They are a little bit mole.
3. They are all naked.

Well they were, with one exception."

So starts the story about the little naked mole rat, Wilbur, who likes to wear clothes. Wilbur is his own mole rat and he loves getting dressed each day, he loves clothes so much he even open a store, but all the other mole rats just won't allow it and they go to the head of the mole rats, Grand-pah to make Wilbur stop. In the end Grand-pah sees the point that just because the mole rats have always been naked, doesn't mean they always should be, and that each little mole rat should make the decision to go naked or clothed for themselves.
The messages are easy to see for older children: be yourself, swim against the crowd, and change is good. And the funny pictures and easy reading are great for the little ones. Plus, who doesn't giggle just saying "naked mole rat"?

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