Thursday, February 11, 2010

Good Books v. Great Books

I'm slacking horribly lately. Which I suppose isn't as true as the fact that I'm increadibly busy lately and unfortunately the ol'blog here has fallen off the schedule. It's not that I'm not reading either. I've read 14 books since January 1st (on my way to 100 baby!), it's just that I can't seem to fit in the time to come post a review. I shall have to start making time!

First though, I've been thinking about good books v. great books. I've been reading alot of books and it seems like just about everything I pick up I love, at least at the moment. I help moderate an online book of the month club on TwilightMoms and I've found that some books just don't stick in my mind. So if a week after finishing I can't even remember any of the main charecters names, how can that book really be great? Some books, like Lisa McMann's Wake and Fade, I read way back in November and I can still remember not only names, but plot points and events. That to me indicates a really great book, because it sticks with you beyond the immediate high of having finished a good book. I think I'll have to reevaluate how I grade these books I'm reading. Instead of giving it 5 stars right out of the gate, I think I'll have to sit with it a week and see what I recall and then grade it as good or great.

And if you haven't yet read Lisa McMann's series, which ends with Gone (which came out on the 9th) I highly recommend going to get it. It's one of those great series that stick in your head for weeks after you turn the last page.

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