Monday, March 22, 2010

An update

So I've been fairly well MIA for over a week now- thats not to say I haven't been reading though, it's just that I have been sucked into the world of Sookie Stackhouse. I almost wish I didn't pick the books up, because once I started, well, it became a quest to read them all (and read them all now!). These are some of the funniest, quirkiest books I've stumbled across. I like the HBO series True Blood, but I'm loving these books and as soon as I finish the last one, Dead and Gone, which I'm getting from the library tonight, I will be back to do a huge mass post on my newfound love of Charlaine Harris' series. Then like any good book addict I will move on to other books, even while I'm totally counting down the days until book 10 of the series, Dead in the Family, is released during the first week of May.

On a slightly off note- it was just about one year ago that I picked up another Vampire series that I had been attempting to ignore, Twilight (and the rest of the series), which I also immediately become addicted to. Apparently March Madness does exist and for me in comes in the form of awesome, slightly cheesy, vampire novels.

Feel free to wander over to Eve's Fan Garden and check out the Author Appreciation blog posts that went up last week (here's mine: Author Appreciation Week )

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  1. lol,, I loved both of these series too!! Can't wait for the next Sookie book. =)