Saturday, December 15, 2012

Best I've Read 2012- Wrap Up and Winners

Best I've Read 2012 has drawn to a close. This has been a rough few days. While the tragedy in CT does not touch me personally, I think the shock and sadness reach far and wide and yesterday I was struck again by how fragile life can be. This blog is not the place to debate politics or the why's and hows, but I do want to say that my heart aches for the families of Newtown and they are in my thoughts. I didn't feel like drawing names or posting a celebratory wrap up today initially. I wanted to just watch TV and hug my kid, but ultimately I realized that there was no reason not to post, no reason not to share the good news about a great yearly event and the winners who are going to get some awesome books in their mailbox in a few weeks. So here we are. Let's wrap this sucker up!

Last year I skipped out on BIR. I was in full on Grad School mode, studying for certification exams and trying to prep for student teaching. There was no way I could have gotten myself organized enough to pull off my posts, I was lucky I was remembering to eat and bathe. This year when Stacey sent out the call for bloggers I was all over it, life had finally settled down and I was in enough of a routine at work to be able to get things together. It was hard to narrow down to my top 5. I left out some books that I truly, truly loved and one, which I'm just reading now would have absolutely made the list if I had read it a few months ago. It's been so much fun to not only share the Best I've Read this year with all of you, but also check out some of my fellow blogger's favorites. I know that I came away with a 'to be read" list that I'll be looking to complete over Christmas break!

Really quickly I want to say thank you to the publishers who so generously are sending books out to the winners. I appreciate all the publishers do for us bloggers on a regular basis and I'm so glad that I have the opportunity to pay it forward by sharing my favorite books with all of you. Thank you also to all my fellow BIR bloggers for catching me up on all I missed last year and keeping me moving in the right direction on this years event. I especially want to thank Stacey for getting all of on task and organizing this entire crazy, amazing event!

And now the winners....

A Midsummer’s Nightmare- Kirsten W. 
The Way We Fall- Kayeleen H. 
The Drowned Cities- Kathryn R.
The Best Night of Your (Pathetic) Life- Abbi T. (side note- if I was going to do a massive scavenger hunt in High School, Abbi would absolutely have been my go-to partner. Imagine the shenanigans that would have ensued....)

CONGRATS to all the winners! I've sent you each an email with more information. 

THANK YOU to everyone for participating in Best I've Read 2012! Happy holidays and happy reading!

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