Saturday, April 21, 2012

My Ramblings on the Adam and Anthony concert

Last Thursday I had the chance to go see Adam Pascal and Anthony Rapp in concert up on campus. When I saw they were coming way back in September I jumped on it. For those of you who don't know who they are, they played Roger and Mark in the original Broadway cast of Rent. 

Anthony Rapp and Adam Pascal as Mark and Roger in the
Original Broadway cast of Rent

This has been, and will probably always be, my favorite show. I saw it for the first time in Toronto from way up in the nosebleeds and it instantly found away into my heart. I've now seen the show probably 7 or 8 times, on Broadway on tour, in regional theaters... if it's playing I'm going. On a personal note, back in high school when I did local theater we shared a backstage area with the touring company. They came to our show, they hung out with us a bit and it was basically the coolest experience I ever had. 

This concert was excellent. The set up was simple. Adam plays for an hour, Anthony plays for an hour, they get onstage together and sing a few songs from Rent. The set list was eclectic. Both sang a few original songs, some standards and a few showtunes. Adam really likes to take a known song and flip it on it's head. Anthony loves his 90's music. Both put on an awesome show. 

Adam and Anthony singing Rent

One thing that really struck me was how many of the little idiosyncrasies that I  thought were part of the character Roger and Mark are really more a part of Adam and Anthony. Adam sings with his eye's closed and leans way the heck back when he sings. Anthony fidgets the entire time, his fingers constantly moving and he tugs on his shirt sleeves like they might disappear on him. These are all things I remember from seeing Rent, and it was kind of cool to be reminded how much of the actors went into that show and to creating the characters that I love so much. 

I took a ton of pictures. About 100 in 2 hours, and my camera was being incredibly wonky and only worked about half of the time. I can't even imagine the number of pictures I would have got if it was cooperating. At any rate, here is a slide show of all the pictures. Enjoy! 

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  1. Super jealous over here! I'm also a huge Rent fan, have seen it five times in various spots, twice in Toronto as well.

    Glad you had an awesome time!