Thursday, October 29, 2009

Kids Corner

By: Eric Carle

This week we are reading Eric Carle's ABC book, which, much like all of his books, is a fun, brightly colored easy reader. This book takes your basic ABC's and combines it with a great fold out page layout (referred to a 'fun flaps') and animals. What I really liked about this ABC book is that it did not use the stereotypical animals for every letter. Instead of "Cat" for C, we get "Crocodile". Carle even goes for some more exotic anumals, such as "Narwhal" for N and "Quetzal" for Q. If there hadn't been one of Carle's unique illustrations with Q, I'm pretty sure I would have had to go look it up! For the record a quetzal is a bird found in the tropics.
Overall, this is a great beginner ABC book that will definitly expand your childs knowledge of different animals while helping with the alphabet.

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