Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Kids Corner

How Big?
By: Emily Sollinger
Illustrated By: Betsy Veness

First let me say, I love this book. One guarenteed way to get my baby giggling is to spread her little arms up over her head and proclaim "Little Mo is Sooooo Big!" Little did I know I could by a book! This book is great for the little ones because it is a resiliant little book that is extremely colorful and unfolds in a different way. Once they are a little older then my 2 month old it will also help with teaching animals. Since this is a Fisher Price Precious Planet book it has the same animals that are on all their Precious Planet toys and books, so there is a continuity there which I like. My only complaint here is that the book is too short. Although the pattern of "How big is baby giraffe? Sooo Big!" is repetitive, I thought that this book was short at only 10 pages (i.e 5 different animals, and 5 pages of Sooo Big). Since this book gets even my little one laughing, it's definitely a keeper!

Our second book for this week was:

My Daddy & Me
By: Tina McNaughten

My little munchkin is definitely not ready for this book yet, but it certainly is a good one to keep in the library to come back to when she is a bit older. This book is all about all the things the little bear does with his Daddy and how he is the most brave bear so long as he is with his Dad. It is beautifully illustrated and is part of a set (with My Mommy & Me, which I have not picked up yet). I would recommend this book for anyone with a 2-3 year old who is a daddy's girl or boy. It's a cute story with great pictures, and is sure to entertain little ones, especially oones who like to go on adventures with their Daddys.

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