Friday, December 20, 2013

BIR 2013: The Fourth Stall III by Chris Rylander

Best I've Read 2013 is coming to an end, and for the last day I'm featuring the third book in one of my favorite series. The Fourth Stall III by Chris Rylander. What I love about these books is that they are written for Middle Schoolers, but the humor and storytelling is just as fitting for an adult. Who doesn't want to read about the life and times of a middle school bookie doing business out of an abandoned bathroom at school. That sentence alone should be enough to get you to pick them up!

Back in April when I reviewed the book I said that I missed these characters. Like really missed them! With everything else I read it's sometimes hard to remember how fun and easy reading can be. This book, this whole series is just fun to read. I read it and I nod along and giggle and wink back when the story winks- I love that Rylander has his characters acknowledge the Godfather connections, the silliness that is Scarface and the undying love that fans have for the Cubs and it's true. These books make you feel like you know the characters and you miss them when you aren't reading about them and the minute you dive into one of the books it feel a little bit like saying hello to old friends. That's really how all the best books should make you feel!

For more about Chris Rylander and the Fourth Stall check out his awesome website.

I hope everyone enjoyed BIR 2013. Check out all the other blogs at the Best I've Read website.

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