Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Judging a Book by it's Cover

I love book covers. Most of the time it's what draws me in and makes me buy a book. I love to browse covers in the store or even online. In the last few months I've seen some amazing covers. One thing I always find interesting is when covers change. Sometimes it's because the book was an ARC and the final cover is something different, other times its a hardcover to paperback things, and sometimes the books just needs a change. In the last few months there were a few books I grabbed because of the stellar cover and then, when I went to do my review, I noticed that there was a new cover for the book... a cover I didn't love so much. A cover I probably never would have picked up.

The first one was The Way We Fall by Megan Crewe. I picked the ARC up at NCTE and loved the cover. Something about the black and white tones really did it for me. I wanted to know more. I love how the cover of the one I bought can be looked at in two ways. Up right and then also sideways, almost like she is laying in the forest. The was something that seemed secretive about it. When the final copy came out recently it was something totally different. Still cool. Definitely still represents the story. It just doesn't catch my eye in the same way. It doesn't capture my attention. In fact the yellow was even a bit jarring, pushing me away more then pulling me in. 

Everything I Was by Corinne Demas is the other one. I picked up the paperback at the store the other day. I love the look of the cover. It reminds me of being a kid. Riding my bike everywhere (back when I could still ride a bike). Summer days, empty fields, fresh air. I loved it all and grabbed it up without even thinking. The other cover though. I recognized the other cover. I've seen it before. Many times. I've passed it over time and time again without giving it a second glance. There's nothing inherently wrong with the other cover, but it gives off a completely different vibe for me. Something creepier. It's actually a bit of a turn off for me. The first cover is everything I love, the second cover didn't get me excited at all.

It's funny how much that cover can do. Both books were great, but I probably never would have read them if I hadn't seen the cover I did. Do you have any books like that, where the cover plays such a bog role in your reading the book?

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