Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Cover Reveal! A Sadness Within by Sara Fiorenzo

Today I get to share the cover of a book that I've had the pleasure of already reading, A Sadness Within by Sara Fiorenzo. I was lucky enough to beta read this book and I loved it on the first draft and I love it even more now that it's done! But before the reveal, first a little about the book...

After losing her entire family in a few short years, Julia Cavallo finds herself disconnected and tired of everyone's sympathy. Unable to move on, she feels that she is simply broken. A gifted pianist, Julia uses music to express herself where words fail.

Will Bradley is destined for an eternal life thanks to a hopeless disease. Believing he is soulless and empty, he returns to his hometown where he happens upon Julia playing the piano. Pieces of himself that he thought were lost begin to resurface making him truly feel alive. 

Part fantasy and part science-fiction, A Sadness Within is about the restorative power of love and its ability to heal and shows that no matter what, it is never too late to change. (goodreads.com)

And now for the reveal...

Awesome right? To find out more about Sara and A Sadness Within check out the links below!

Goodreads (Book Page) 
Twitter - @sarafiorenzo

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