Sunday, July 11, 2010

Coal Miner

Coal Miners Daughter aka "The Coal Monster"

So this post is going to be a complete departure. It's not about books or reading, but is instead about my horse A Coal Miner's Daughter. I just wanted to share a bit about her and also some pictures. The farm I boarded at bought her at auction several years ago and she was a mess- I took her under my wing and we spent many, many hours together, working thorugh her numerous issues. She had been battered and abused and needed some love and I needed help getting over some serious anxiety issues in terms of horses. We worked together for about 3 years and in the end she turned out to be one of the best, most loving little horses ever. She was a beast who hated to be ridden (or more accurately was afraid to be ridden) and gave me a broken tailbone and many bumps and bruises. She handed out concussions and cuts like candy to anyone who thought they could "tame her", but everyone loved her anyways. She was my Coal Monster and I loved her very much. She was my snuggly horse who liked to get and give kisses, loved to play and was always the first to the gate to see you- unless you wanted to ride, at which point she'd be as far away as possible. But she was always ready to work and was the most kind horse I've ever had or worked with. She definitly helped me to rebuild my confidence, and I hope I helped her build hers as well. She went to live with my cousins family where she became a great family horse. Yesterday at the age of 8 Coal Miner died. She was found in her pasture and was buried today on the farm.

Coal and her big brother Paint, who was teaching her very bad habits

Coal with her forever family -

Who would have thought that the monster would have turned into such a great horse?

As much as I hate that she is gone, I'm extremely happy and thankful that she finally had the family she deserved with my cousins. I'm glad that we were able to take her from her situation and help her see that there are people who will love you even when you are bad, and who won't raise a hand to you when you do something wrong. She was my original little girl and she will be missed.

Coal at the farm

Me and Coal taking our Christmas Pictures

Coal Monster loved to Run- and she looked beautiful when she took off!


  1. So Sorry for your loss, Kate. : (

  2. what a beautiful story! I'm very sorry you're horse is gone, but what great memories!