Sunday, January 3, 2010

Wake & Fade by Lisa McMann

I read these books a few months ago over Thanksgiving break and really enjoyed both books and can't wait for the third book, Gone, to come out.

By: Lisa McMann

I picked this book up after TwilightMoms made the upcoming third book, Gone, a book of the month. I figured I'd better catch up! I tore through these books. This book is a quick, easy read that really lets you into the main charecters life and mind. I love how McMann wrote this book in little snippets of Janie's life. It was a great way to get the important moments across without being super wordy. It was almost like reading a diary.

I also enjoyed the relationship between Janie and Cabel, after reading so many books where everyone seemed to be involved in some sort of magic, it was really nice to get a charecter, Cabel, who is really just a guy. What defines him, and makes hin endearing, are the very human circumstances he has lived through and rose above. He has had a really rough life, and now does extraordinary work, but he has no special powers. It was nice to see his and Janie's relationship grow on a very basic, realistic, high school level.

By: Lisa McMann

I enjoyed this book alot, although not as much as the first book. I say this for a few reasons, but first, the reasons I really enjoyed Fade.

I enjoyed this continuation of Janie and Cabel's relationship. Again, like in Wake, I loved the fact that despite all the hardships both have endured, they have essentially a very normal relationship. They have their struggles and make some really messed up choices, but they really do love and respect eachother and I think that is very refreshing. I liked seeing both Janie and Cabel coming to grips with what their future will look like given Janie's gift and the side effects that come with being a dreamcatcher. Personally, I liked that Cabel doesn't simply support Janie whole hog without trouble, it seemed so much more believable to me that a high school boy, one who has been trhough so much, kind of freaks out and pulls away. I always felt they would end up together, so I was okay with Cabel losing it for a bit before coming back around. I enjoyed seeing that growth in him.

I also liked the charecter of the Captain. She is a really good role model and friend for both Janie and Cabel who both desperately needed that kind of influence in their lives.

Here's where the book lost me- the whole main storyline! I get that they are crime solvers and there are predators out there who need to be caught, but I could not accept that the Captain (or anyone really) would think that sending a relatively untrained 18 year old out to a party, to be bait for sexual predators who they know attack girls at parties, was a good idea. It just seemed to out there, to dangerous, and too unbelieveable. I was with McMann when she had Janie trying to glean information while at school, but I thought the attacks/group orgy at the Chem teacher's house was too much. Also, three sex predetor teachers was too much as well. One I can buy, but a wierd teacher sex ring was really odd.

Overall it didn't put me off on wanting to read the next book though. Overall I loved the books and the things that turned me off where clearly outwieghed by all the things I loved.

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